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You need to yourself be addicted to chems to believe Assad used chemicals!

The Assad Government Army was caught by surprise a couple of weeks ago when thousands of Al Nusrah Front terrorists attacked peaceful villages in Hama Province.

The unexpected attack brought the Al Nusrah Front militants to the verge of euphoria especially as they advanced within 6 kilometers of the town of Mahardeh that is estimated to currently have 5.000 – 6,000 pro Assad civilians.

Mahardeh is one of the few towns in Syria that is homogeneously Christian (mostly Greek Orthodox Christians). It had a resident population of 23,000 before the Syrian Conflict began in 2011.

Capturing the town of Mahardeh was to be a huge prize for Al Nusrah Front and the many factions of the so called ‚moderate opposition‘. They hoped that by capturing Mahardeh and killing a few hundred Christians they would tempt some of the independent and pro ISIS leaning militants to join them under the umbrella of ‚Al Nusrah Front‘.

Thanks to heavy Russian Air Force shelling and the fast deployment of Mahardeh locals, the Al Nusrah militants were defeated. In the past week more than 15 villages were liberated by the Syrian Government Army.

How surprising that a chemical attack took place at the time the Pro Assad Army is defeating Al Nusrah Front ? Would it not make more sense for the Asad Army to use such tactics a week ago when it was struggling to defend Government held territory?

Surely this cynical chemical attack was executed by the Al Nusrah Front.

Notice that most of the victims happen to be infants. This suggest that these infants are the children of pro Assad loyalists after the terrorists killed their parents.

This is in line with the example of Mohammad, the prophet of Islam.

Mohammad, according to the Islamic Hadith, in his dozens of war campaigns used to personally inspect if infant boys have public hair or not. If they did he would kill them on the spot. If not these children would be joined to the Muslim Armies and used for other purposes (adoption of children is not permitted under Shari’a law so these kidnapped orphaned children would forever live as pariahs in the Muslim Community).

Sunan Abu Dawood, one of the most highly respected sources of hadith adhered by all Sunni Muslims (including the so called ‚moderates‘) narrates the following, in hadith 40/4390 ;

Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi:

“ I was among the captives of Banu Qurayzah. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair. “

A certain terrorist doctor, a UK citizen with a Pakistani background is spreading propaganda in a desperate attempt to mobilize public opinion against Syria and Russia.

The only qualified doctor is, thus, supposedly free to engage in writing tweets and making videos instead of treating injured children…

Interestingly, this brutal attack on mostly kidnapped orphans

happens only a day after the terror attack in St. Petersburg.


  • Vertraut man Informationen und der Propaganda von Islamisten? Vertraut man Pierre Vogel? Ist also dieser Mann wirklich vertrauenswürdig? 
  • Das war möglicherweise eine „FalseFlagAttack“ kommentieren Experten die Szenerie. Nach dem Terroranschlag in Russland war das Mitgefühl in der Europäischen Bevölkerung groß. Dies soll nun durch „FalseFlag“ Infos zu Syrien und Russland wieder zerstört werden.
  • Die Internetseite Pi-News schreibt:

In Syrien soll Assad mit russischem Segen Giftgas auf die “Rebellen” abgeworfen haben, wollen uns die interessierten Lügenmedien und eine kriegslüsterne Politik diesseits und vor allem jenseits des Atlantik verklickern. Führend bei uns “BILD”, in den USA CNN! Früher fragten logisch denkend Politiker und Presse “Cui bono”, wem nützt es? Heute wird dummen Analphabeten allerdümmste Propaganda serviert. Eine Geberkonferenz für Syrien ist aktuell terminiert, eine Friedenskonferenz für Syrien läuft – welches Interesse sollte Assad daran haben, beide mit Giftgas zu sabotieren?

Mehrere Zeitungen schreiben das sogar so, sagen dann aber, Assad schere das nicht. Wäre es nicht viel logischer, die “Rebellen” und “Aktivisten” wollten Assads Sieg mit Giftgas verhindern? Warum bringt kein Medium diese naheliegende Idee?